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Self Publish or Perish- a "short" essay. (Or: 4,000 words about boxes and boxes of comic books)



Ah, yes. I’ve just made some more coffee, and sat down at my desk. I usually do a little “year in review” post on my blog, but I don’t use my blog much anymore. Tumblr is kind of the new blog, right? Does one even need a blog these days? I mean, really.

So here I am, wrapped in my poncho,…

99 Life Hacks to make your life easier!




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cat in love… by *neurotic-elf
the Heart of War - page 001.. by *neurotic-elf
LSCC 2013 !! by *neurotic-elf
one more steambot.. by *neurotic-elf
DreamCatcher preview 02.. by ~neurotic-elf
DreamCatcher preview 01.. by ~neurotic-elf
DreamCatcher cover.. by ~neurotic-elf
DreamCatcher preview 03.. by ~neurotic-elf